How To Grow Bird’s Eye Chili Peppers From Seed

Birds Eye Chili Pepper Plant

Bird’s Eye Chili Peppers can be notoriously difficult to germinate from seed. Funnily enough, they germinate best after being consumed by a bird and having gone through the entire digestive process. This in effect prepares the seed for germination by weakening the shell of the seed as Bird’s Eye Chilis have a very tough exterior shell. Left to germinate without any assistance, you might find that the seeds will have a very long germination window, but something can be done to help them.

In order to shorten the germination time of Bird’s Eye Chili seeds, you should soak the seeds in warm water for around 6 – 8 hours before planting. This should be sufficient time to weaken the seed shell.

The first time I planted Bird’s Eye Chilis (before I realised to soak them) I waited around 5 weeks for them to germinate and saw nothing. Not a single one. I scratched my head wondering why my seeds weren’t germinating and turned to the internet to find out. I’ve just recently soaked my new chilli seeds and planted them. I’ll keep you updated on the progress and hopefully I end up with a bowl full like this.

Bowl Full Of Birds Eye Chilli Peppers
Bowl Full Of Birds Eye Chilli Peppers

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