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How To Propogate Basil At Home (5 Simple Steps)

How To Propogate Basil At Home (5 Simple Steps)

Basil is a delicious herb with such a sweet aromatic flavor, it would be a shame not keep your backyard or windowsill stocked full it! It can be used on such a large variety of dishes and don’t even get me started on the pesto.

STEP 1: Cut off a section just below where two leaves appear

STEP 2: Place the trimmed piece in a glass jar of fresh water where it receieves sufficient sunlight

Basil propagating in water
Place The Basil Cutting In A Glass Of Water So You Can Watch The Roots Grow

STEP 3: Replace the water with fresh, clean water

Every 2 – 3 days you should replace the water with fresh water. This will prevent any bacteria growing and damaging your plant. It will also provide a top up of nutrients for the plant. If your water is too clean it could also lead to problems, remember plants need food in the form of micronutrients in the water!

STEP 4: Wait For The Roots To Grow

You will start to see some roots emerge from the leave section. Once these reach about one inch long, it’s ready to be planted. Mine are a litte short here, but as an impatient gardener it’s impossible to keep waiting. I had mine in the glass jar for about 10 days.

Basil Water Roots Close Up Of Propagation Roots Basil

STEP 5: Fix a pot with some high quality potting mix and transplant your new basil plant!

Potting Mix With Basil
Cans Make Great Reusable Pots

There you have it. Propagating basil at home has never been so easy. I’ll keep this page updated with new pictures as my propagated basil grows.

How To Propagate Basil At Home
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How To Propagate Basil At Home
This article shows you how to propagate basil at home so you can live off pesto every single day of your life :)
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