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What Is Rennet? Where Can I Get Rennet Tablets From?

What Is Rennet? Where Can I Get Rennet Tablets From?

Rennet is an important ingredient in making all types of cheeses, it is the active ingredient that causes separation of milk into solid curds and liquid whey.

But what exactly is rennet?

First it must be stated that rennet can come in two forms: vegetable rennet and animal product rennet. Vegetable rennet can be found in liquid form or tablet form and can be obtained from a number of different sources – mold, unfermented soybeans, or fermentation-produced chymosin. It the preferred rennet for all kosher and halal cheeses.

The animal-derived rennet is a complex of enzymes produced in the stomach of certain mammals. Chymosin again is the key ingredient which is used by young mammals to help digest their mother’s milk.

Where to get rennet from?

Rennet is easy to purchase online, you can get fully organic liquid vegetable rennet, liquid animal rennet¬†or vegetable rennet in tablet form. Rennet is not only easy to get, but it’s cheap to buy so make sure you’ve always got some stocked in your pantry for those cheesemaking sessions!

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