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Best Tumbling Composter Available Today

Best Tumbling Composter Available Today

Getting the best tumbling composter is crucial to running a successful garden and recycling all your organic foodstuffs. There’s plenty available online today so which do you choose from?

Follow this buyer’s guide to help you find the answer today.

Why Use A Tumbling Composter?

There are three main benefits of using a tumbling composter over conventional composting systems:

  • Tumbling composters compost material much faster
  • The smell associated with composting is much more contained
  • You can simply turn the material without having to labor with a pitchfork

Tumbling composters are not without their challenges however, some expect because they have forked out a decent sum of cash that their organic home waste should start simply rotting away. Because you now have a closed system, Mother Nature isn’t waiting at the ready to help you if you make a mistake building your pile.

How To Get Your Tumbling Composter Started

how to get your tumbling composter started

The key tip to getting your tumbling composter off to a great start is by using a compost activator on your first batch. Your new tumbling composter starts as quite a sterile place, it doesn’t have enough of the good bacteria and fungi to get the decomposing process in place. Of course, you won’t need to buy a compost activator if you already have access to some manure, healthy soil or if you already have some compost lying around – throw that in to get it started.

Another great tip is to ensure you shred or chop your material into small pieces before adding them to the composter. Remember, since you don’t have any worms or insects burrowing through the composter larger pieces will take much longer to break down – the effect of chopping up your scraps means you will have quicker and better-composted material.

The Best Tumbling Composter – Envirocycle

Best Tumbling Composter Envircycle

The Envirocycle comes as the top rated tumbling composter available today.

Why, you ask?

To start with, it’s manufactured in the USA, BPA free and food safe, there’s no assembly required and it’s completely rust free. It is a simple system which is easy to tumble for anyone big or small, young or old.

Another benefit of using this system is that it allows you to collect any excess fluids from the compost in the base, letting you build a supply of compost tea that you can apply directly to other plants in your garden.

With this composter, you’ll be getting delicious nutritious food for your plants in about 6 – 8 weeks time (depending on weather and temperature of course).

To top it all off, the Envirocycle offer what must be one of the best customer service experiences available by any company today. A story by a farmer in Texas recounts how after having his Envirocycle for over 5 years went to open the lid after a severe frost one morning, but unfortunately sheared it off as it was stuck to the body. After phoning the customer service team, they immediately sent out a replacement lid with no questions asked and apologized for the inconvenience.

You don’t see that very often these days!

Here’s a couple more to round out a second and third place

With advanced education around recycling wastes and composting tumblers and bins have made composting very easy. Tumblers are the most efficient way of composting in an enclosed chamber. One of the advantages of tumblers over bins is they have built in turning mechanism. There are many other benefits of using tumblers including ultra-fast out put and if you have large quantities of grass and other soft sappy material. Check out some of the best tumbling composters if you want to invest in a compost tumbler.

Good Ideas Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler

Good Ideas Tumbler


  1. The tumbler has double containers. You can fill one side and get it simmer to be ready. Then you can move on to fill the other side which enables a lot of compost to work at a time.
  2. It rolls with the wheel built in the base.
  3. Lightweight and compact enough to fit in small backyard and easy to move around the place.
  4. Pre assembled and ready to use


  1. Spinning this tumbler is very easy.
  2. Dual containers allows multiple batches of compost. When one container is simmering, you can clear the scraps and other wastes from the other compartment.
  3. The two containers can also be utilized to store different kinds of organic materials. Separating batches of scraps is easier based on other criteria.
  4. The compartment size is large enough to accommodate lot of stuff but overall small enough in size to fit into a small garden
  5. Easy to turn around.
  6. The compost obtained from it is of good quality than any other you get from stores with freshness being one of the factor. Smells natural.


  1. Hard to manually rotate.
  2. With round holes being too small, its hard to take out the compost out
  3. The composter does not wok very well with grass and clumps up.

Yimby Tumbler Composter

Yimby Tumbler
Yimby Tumbler

Yimby has developed a revolutionary solution to composting with its two chamber rotating tumbler.


  1. Two chambered tumbling
  2. Adjustable air vents providing excellent aeration
  3. Capacity- 37 gallon
  4. Heat absorbing black plastic and built in holds which helps to turn it in any direction.


  1. Easy to put it together and solid build with 60 bolts.
  2. For beginners, its easy to compost as it comes with a beginners guide
  3. The size is good enough for a small yard.
  4. Can be easily turned even if its full.
  5. Efficient design – allowing compost in one side while the other can be filled simultaneously.
  6. Remains easy to turn even when its fully loaded.


  1. The opening is little small for putting things inside but can still be manageable.
  2. The grip on the tumbler tends to collect water so while filing the water, be mindful when you decide to turn the bin
  3. A good reminder- it is a domestic tumbler so it catches pests and can stink. It may even leak.

These tumblers are no doubt a great addition to your garden or backyard and definitely good choices to consider. Do a complete research basis your requirement and you will make an ideal investment when it comes to choosing the compost tumbler.

Stay tuned as this list will be continually updated as the best tumbling composter options hit the market.


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