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How To Save Carolina Reaper Seeds To Plant

How To Save Carolina Reaper Seeds To Plant

If you’re a fan of growing super hot chili peppers then you have to know how to save Carolina Reaper seeds. Once you know this, you’ll become self-sufficient with your chili growing and be able to start your own super hot seed bank. It’s ridiculously […]

How To Grow Snow Peas From Seeds

How To Grow Snow Peas From Seeds

Snow peas are a ridiculously easy vegetable or more appropriately, legume. All you have to do to grow them from a seed is grab some quality seedling mix from your local bunnings or gardening store, give them a solid splash of water and wait a […]

How To Grow Habanero Chillis From Seeds

How To Grow Habanero Chillis From Seeds

I’ve struggled with determining how to grow habanero chillis from seeds. The first batch I ordered, I had planted 14 odd seeds and weeks later none of them had come through. The pequins, capsicums, jalapenos all were successful, but the habaneros were nowhere in sight.

What are habaneros.

Why do we like them.

How hard are they to grow.

How much fruit do they bear?

How long do they take to maturity.

Where to get seeds from?

How to grow habanero peppers from seed.

In order to get the strongest plants and the most amount of peppers, you’re going to want to start your seedlings inside. If you have a seedling tray with cover, something likeĀ this one, it will be very beneficial as the lid will trap in the moisture. If you don’t have one of these then seedling trays work fine as well, but you’re going to have to diligently ensure the soil doesn’t dry out.

Another method is to dampen a paper towel, place the seeds on top and put this in a ziplock bag closing it shut then place in a warm area. This will ensure the moisture is kept in and you’ll be able to watch the seeds germinate. Once you see a couple of roots sprouting, it’s time to gently transplant them to a small container.

What kind of fertalizer do they need?

Watering and sunlight?

Hot sauce recipes, preserving etc.

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